Thursday, 21 February 2013

Chlorine Benefits

Pool disinfectants - algae, bacteria and fungi control
Product                            Characteristics                                                                 Benefits

CHLORINE 70%             Calcium Hypochlorite in granular form                            Fast dissolving and cost effective

TCCA (G) 90%                Trichloroisocyanuric Acid in granular form                      Slow release Chlorine stabilizer

TCCA (T) 90%                Trichloroisocyanuric Acid in tablet form                          Slow release Chlorine stabilizer

Bromine Tablet 90%       Bromo-Chloro-5,5 -Dimethylhydantoin Tablet                Slow release, Chlorine/Bromine stabilizer Effective over wide pH (6-10)

Hydrotreat C2140          A mixture of non-foaming amines                                  Non-oxidizing biocide with approval for pool treatment. Super effective in controlling "Dark Algae" growth

Hichlon 10(L) 10%         Sodium Hypochlorite in liquid form                                  Easy Handling , Cost effective and Accurate metering

Product                           Characteristics / Benefits
Soda Ash                        To increase pH and alkalinity. Cost Effective

Sodium Bicardonate         To increase alkalinity with pH buffer.

Pool pH Minus                  Special blend of pool acid with antiscalant. Descaling properties

Pool pH Plus                     Special blend of soda ash with antiscalant. Descaling properties

Pool Acid                          Non-fuming pool acid  Synergistic effect with NaOCl dosing

Monday, 4 February 2013

chlorine supplier

Product : NICLON 70T
Packing : 45kg/drum
Origin    : Japan

Product : NEO-CHLOR 90G
Packing : 50kg/drum
Origin    : Japan

Product : NEO-CHLOR 90T 200gm
Packing : 50kg/ drum
Origin    : Japan

Product : LIFESTYLE 90G
Packing : 50kg/drum
Origin    : China

Product : LIFESTYLE 90T
Packing : 50kg/drum
Origin    : China

Product : SUN-CHLON 70G
Packing : 40kg/drum
Origin    : China

Product : WaterChlor  70% GR
Packing : 40Kg/Drum                                                
Origin    : China
(Premium Quality Grade / Blue Drum or US Style white drum)
Product : HTH 70% GR
Packing : 45kg/Drum                                                              
Origin    : USA
(Premium Grade from US, 35 years in Malaysia market, more than 100 years in the world market)
Product : TCCA 90% GR
Packing :  50kg/drum                                                      
Origin    : China
Product : OXYCLOR TCCA 90% GR
Packing : 20kg/Pail                                          
Origin    : Spain
Product : TCCA 90% TABLET
Packing : 50kg/Drum                                                 
Origin    : China
Product : HiClon 70%G
Packing : 45kg/Drum                                                               
Origin    : Japan-Nippon Soda
Product : Nissan TCCA 90% GR
Packing : 50kg/Drum                                                             
Origin    : Japan- Nissan Chemicals
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Calcium Hypochlorite

We supply all kinds of pool chemical.
(Chlorine Granular/Tablet 70% 90%, )
(Klorin Serbuk/Tablet 70% 90%, )
(Calcium Hypochlorite Granular/Tablet 70% 90%)